richard on multiplication

Thought-provoking words from Richard:

I’ve been reading the book, Radical by David Platt and blogging my response to each chapter.  If you interested in how others are working their way through the book then I encourage you to check out Marla Taviano’s blog HERE.  She was the brain child behind creating this Radical Read-along online.

As for chapter 5 titled The Multiplying Community, I was particularly struck by this one quote that I think sums up this reading.

“God’s design for taking the gospel into all the world is a slow, intentional, simple process that involves every one of his people sacrificing every facet of their lives to multiply the life of Christ in others.” (104)

I don’t know about you, but I find those words to be pretty challenging. And yes I am a pastor currently transitioning to full on church planter. More on that later this week.  So I have been challenged really reading each chapter to first of all not forget the lost.  The joy and fellowship I share with Jesus is what He desires for everyone.  I know this.  I can quote the bible verses to reference.  The question to me is…”am I doing it?”  making disciples that is.

via Richard Westley.