after everest

It came to them that day: they would make the first pole-to-pole journey fueled entirely by manpower and natural power. More precisely, they would travel between the geomagnetic poles. They thought it would be a far bigger undertaking than Everest, an expedition called “180° Pole-to-Pole.” On April 8, 2007, off they went on the big adventure. They skied and sledded through Greenland, then sailed 3,000 miles to New York. They cycled to Texas, accompanied at various points by Hutchins, relatives, and assistants they hired along the way, while Atkinson raised funds back in England. They pedaled through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. They sailed to Ecuador and then cycled the rest of the way through South America. From there they continued on to the magnetic South Pole—a 9,000-mile hell ride highlighted by hurricane-force winds and 80-foot waves. By the time the expedition ended, in Australia, they had traveled 26,000 miles in 396 days.

via Higher, Colder, Deadlier | Culture | Vanity Fair.