rands on instagram

There’s an inflection point in product development dubbed “product market fit”. It’s a milestone when a given service or product has found its market and can now focus on building a business. It’s comforting, the idea that there’s a moment where you can safely say, “All that hard work has successfully resulted in our fit in this market “. Unfortunately, it’s only an event you discover after it appears. It’s a milestone, not a blueprint.

So, how’d Instagram do it? How’d they swoop into a cluttered market and grab 300,000 sets of eyeballs in eight weeks? Were they lucky? No. Did the have the benefit of examining the work of those that went before them? You bet, but that’s not the biggest reason.

The Instagram team could have gotten lost in any number of distracting feature buckets. In fact, based on the Quora article, it looks like they did, but then they threw away that application and built one intensely focused solely on photos.

via Rands In Repose.