catch a cobra by the tail...

The deadly baby cobra on the loose at New York's Bronx Zoo has everyone wondering -- how do you catch a 20-inch-long, pencil-thin snake that can squeeze into the tiniest crack or crevice? Snake experts, known as herpetologists, tell that finding the months-old female Egyptian cobra is no easy task.

"Snakes are escape artists," said Rulon Clark, a biology professor at San Diego State University. "It's tough. Their bodies are compressible and can fit in extremely small openings."

The missing cobra, who weighs less than 3 ounces, disappeared from her enclosure Friday inside the zoo's Reptile House. Zoo officials say they are confident the snake is not in an area accessible to the public and have put in place a tracking system to monitor its movement, though zoo director Jim Breheny did not elaborate on the plan.