bits of barth

Barth, CD I/1 7:11 pm

"human affairs - even those over which we think we have some control - often take a different course from the one planned"

7:14 pm

"I regard the analogia entis as the invention of the Antichrist..."

7:18 pm

"I believe that I understand the present-day authorities of the Church better than they understand themselves..."

7:23 pm

"fortunately the reality of the Church does not coincide with its action"

7:38 pm

"there never has actually been a philosophia christiana, for if it was philosophia it was not christiana, and if it was christiana..."

7:44 pm

"...the Christian Church certainly does not number Aristotle among its ancestors"

7:49 pm

"dogmatics is possible only as theologia crucis..."

7:56 pm

"dogmatics must always be undertaken as an act of penitence and obedience"

7:57 pm

"we always seem to be handling an intractable object with inadequate means"