bits of barth

Barth, CD I/1 12:17 am

"we stand before the fact of heresy. concretely, we stand before the fact of Roman Catholicism..."

1:15 pm

"not all human talk is talk about God. it could be and should be. there is no reason in principle why it should not be"

1:25 pm

"if the social work of the church as such were to try to be proclamation, it could only become propaganda..."

1:38 pm

"God may suddenly be pleased to have Abraham blessed by Melchizedek, or Israel blessed by Balaam or helped by Cyrus"

1:39 pm

"He can establish the church anew and directly when and where and how it pleases Him"

1:44 pm

"if the question what God can do forces theology to be humble, the question what is commanded of us forces it to concrete obedience"

1:45 pm

"God may speak to us through Russian Communism, a flute concerto, a blossoming shrub, or a dead dog"

2:12 pm

"proclamation... is always and always will be man's word. when and where it pleases God, it is God's own Word"

2:22 pm

"nor can one see in the Asiatic crudities of Bolshevic ideology a rival which is even remotely a match for the Church's proclamation"

2:42 pm

"the central factum on which dogmatics focuses will always be quite simply the Church's Sunday sermon of yesterday & tomorrow"

2:47 pm

"the simplest proclamation of the Gospel can be proclamation of the truth in the most unlimited sense..." (1)

2:49 pm

"... and can validly communicate the truth to the most unsophisticated hearer if God so will" (2)

6:41 pm

"without the ambivalence, the liability to misunderstanding, the vulnerability... it could not be real proclamation"

7:44 pm

"the Bible is God's Word to the extent that God causes it to be His Word, to the extent that He speaks through it"