bits of barth

Barth CD I/1 8:05 am

"in my work one is compelled as believer & theologian to do the impossible, namely, to jump over one's own shadow"

8:16 am

(3) "...a stimulation by the inner life, a basing of man's whole life on this mystery that is beyond himself"

8:17 am

(2) "...a making present of remote times, an obedience, a decision, a halting before the mystery..."

8:17 am

(1) "as man knows God's Word... there takes place an understanding, a personal involvement, an acceptance, an assent, an approval..."

8:25 am

"if [we] think we can handle the Word and faith like capital at our disposal, we simply prove that we have neither the Word nor faith"

8:26 am

"when we have them, we do not regard them as a possession but strain after them, hungering & thirsting, & for that reason blessed"

8:38 am

"faith is not one of the various capacities of man, whether native or acquired. capacity for the Word of God is not among these"

8:39 am

"the possibility of faith as it is given to man in the reality of faith... is loaned to man by God, and loaned exclusively for use"

8:46 am

"in faith man is capable of receiving God's Word... the Word of God is now the W heard by him & he is now the man addressed by this W"

8:49 am

barth & the soggy bottom boys. exclusively available at starbucks.

8:59 am

"he has not come to faith; faith has come to him through the Word. he has not adopted faith; faith has been granted him through the W"

9:02 am

"the Word of God becomes knowable by making itself known"

10:52 pm

"what we had in view... should now have become provisionally comprehensible in all its incomprehensibility" hmm...

11:08 pm

"even and precisely in the depths of unbelief faith hears the new summons to faith"

11:11 pm

"to the extent another standard is applied here and not the Word of God itself, only confusion and destruction can result"

11:15 pm

"this supreme authority which addresses the Church... is the free Bible, the Bible that remains free in face of all interpretation"

11:22 pm

"we cannot speak as prophets or apostles. we cannot speak with the full assurance of the biblical witness: 'we beheld his glory'"

11:30 pm

"the Word of God is above dogma as the heavens are above the earth"

11:34 pm

"for the sake of dogma, dogmatics must deal with dogmas" :)