bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 11:07 am

"I should like... to utter an express warning against certain passages and contexts in my commentary on Romans"

11:12 am

"revelation will never be discovered by anyone who undertakes to arrive at a kind of timeless core by abstracting from all times..."

11:13 am

"revelation has its time, and only in and along with its time is it revelation"

11:28 am

"when I really give anyone my time, I thereby give him the last and most personal thing that I have to give at all, namely myself"

3:50 pm

"as law, the covenant is grace, exactly as qua grace, it is law"

4:03 pm

"it is not with pure, good, moral men that God makes & keeps covenant, but with transgressors, & incorrigible transgressors at that"