bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 10:13 am

"the virgin birth at the opening & the empty tomb at the close... bear witness that this life... is marked off from all the rest"

7:49 pm

"[the church] is not created, formed & introduced by individual men on their own initiative, authority & insight"

7:50 pm

"in face of such a church [man initiated] we... must appeal to the free grace of God to be made blessed outside of it"

7:52 pm

"a church of that description is not the Church but the work of sin, of apostasy in the Church"

8:07 pm

"with God all things are possible, and with us at least very many" barthian humor?

8:14 pm

"the revelation of God in its subjective reality [is] the existence of men who have been led by God himself to a certain conviction"

8:25 pm

"the work of the Holy Spirit is that our blind eyes are opened &... in thankful self-surrender we recognize & acknowledge it: Amen"

9:09 pm

Barth is either impossibly narrow or impossibly broad. can't yet figure it out. no worries, still have 8000p left. all in good time.

9:14 pm

maybe that's where wisdom lies. in the tension between impossibly narrow & impossibly broad. or the harmony thereof. Paul, anyone?

9:22 pm

"when we ask how a man comes to hear the Word of God, to believe in Christ... at once we must turn and point to the inconceivable..."

9:23 pm

"the Word creates the fact that we hear the Word. Jesus Christ creates the fact that we believe in Jesus Christ"

9:29 pm

"true preaching from the Holy Spirit will not consist in pointing to our own or other men's seizure, but to the divine seizing"