bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 8:21 am

"God comes forward to be man's Saviour. This presupposes... that man cannot be helped in any other way"

8:23 am

"It is not merely that man lacks something which he ought to be or to have or to be capable of in relation to God. He lacks everything"

9:52 am

"The few that find this way... are those who are chosen by God and who are therefore enabled to find what the many do not find"

9:55 am

"Blessed are the poor in spirit... this poverty, true & saving despair, is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the work of Jesus Christ"

9:59 am

"this has nothing to do with a magical invasion of the interrelated totality of our psycho-psychical life by supernatural forces" huh?

10:27 am

"the need for God is known only by the children of God"

10:31 am

"our participation in [the work of God] does not depend upon our fitness for this work... It rests upon the forgiveness of sins."

10:40 am

"only one thing is required of us. As those who cannot do it of ourselves... we have to participate when the Word does it"

10:41 am

"This burden... of my own & others' sins, does not lie upon me. It lies solely and entirely upon Jesus Christ, upon the Word of God"

10:45 am

(2) "... completely himself and not a cast, and yet completely represents the form and the way of the master and not a caricature"

10:45 am

(1) "no other master has the power to subordinate another man to his direction and leadership in such a way that the latter is ..."