bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 9:43 am

"In eternity when we see God face to face, either we will be those who love, or we will not be"

9:44 am

"Wherever the Christian life in commission or omission is good before God, the good thing about it is love"

9:47 am

"the Holy Spirit is the love of the Father for the Son, & the love of the Son for the Father, & it is this Spirit who is given to us"

9:53 am

"Not every man is in fact what it is decisive to be: Israel elect & loved of God... whose Head is Jesus Christ"

9:54 am

"If no one can hear without being a child of God, no one can be a child of God without ever hearing anew"

9:57 am

"Love to God consists decisively in recognising that we have nothing of our own to offer Him"

10:00 am

"Being loved by Him, and having Him as our Lord, we have no future apart from Him, and therefore no future without love"

10:01 am

"Thou shalt love can only mean: thou shalt not try to evade or escape thy future as opposed to thy present"

10:02 am

"where there is no otherness of the one who is loved, where the one who loves is alone, he does not really love"

10:04 am

"Our self-love can never be anything right or holy & acceptable to God. It is an affection which is the very opposite of love"

10:07 am

"The man who loves God will let himself be told & will himself confess that he is not in any sense righteous as one who loves"

10:10 am

"H.F. Kohlbrügge: the more the love of God increases in the heart, the more knowledge there is of inability... of unwillingness"

10:23 am

the sorrowful marks of the love of God in the children of God:

10:34 am

seeking & finding; finding & distancing :

11:32 am

"[Mt 5:48] is not a law which crushes & kills... it is the promise & form of the Gospel in the Law... news, glad & comforting"

11:44 am

feeling smugly superior reading barth on not making "certain anthropologico-theological presuppositions which are quite illegitimate"

12:28 pm

"Love to God is the quintessence & hypostasised expression of what we know in a concretely perceptible & practical form as love to man"

1:10 pm

"the commandment of love to the neighbour is enclosed by that of love to God. it is contained in it"

1:12 pm

"we cannot understand the 'thou shalt' apart from the promise 'thou wilt'"

1:20 pm

"if it is a real miracle that we can love God, it is necessarily a real miracle that we can love our neighbour"

1:32 pm

on Luke 10:29 "this is a point at which Calvin's exegesis is obviously wide of the mark." obviously!

4:50 pm

barth & the social gospel:

5:11 pm

"for it is this actual misery of man, the curse of an attempt to live which is fore-doomed to failure..."

5:42 pm

"but this neighbor will cause me a really mortal headache"