bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 11:11 am

"these very writings, by the very fact that they were canonical, saw to it that they were recognized and proclaimed to be canonical"

11:12 am

"we will not be obedient to the Church but to the Word of God, and therefore in the true sense to the Church"

11:14 am

"an absolute guarantee that... what we know as the Canon is closed... cannot be given by the Church"

11:41 am

"a biblical theology [is] a series of attempted approximations, a collection of individual exegeses. There can never be... a system"

12:34 pm

barth on theology: don't connect the dots.

12:54 pm

barth needs a tl;dr edition

1:17 pm

"we cannot think it: we can only contemplate it. we cannot assert & prove it: we can only believe it..."

6:33 pm

"Scripture attests itself in the fact that at its decisive centre it attests the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead"