bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 11:24 am

eugene peterson, karl barth & : why I'm still tweeting cryptic bits of barth

11:48 am

"the Church is no longer the Church where it does not know a higher authority than its own"

12:11 pm

"...for the Word of God is not spoken to individuals, but to the Church of God, and to individuals only in the Church"

12:38 pm

barth's beautiful & brilliant account of why & how to confess our faith in public, with confidence & humility:

12:46 pm

"...before I myself make a confession I must myself have heard the confession of the Church"

12:47 pm

"if I have not heard the Church, I cannot speak to it…"

12:47 pm

"I cannot thrust myself into the debate about a right faith which goes on in the Church without first having listened…"

1:14 pm

"my first duty is to love & respect [the confession of the Church] as the witness of my fathers & brethren..."

1:19 pm

If he keeps writing like this, I will no longer be able to simply listen & process at a safe distance…

1:25 pm

"the immediate goal & necessary result of a debate on true faith is that those who take part in it should make a common confession"

1:27 pm

"wherever there is this agreement, & therefore a Church, debate about true faith has reached its goal"