bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 12:08 am

"it is not the acuity & depth, nor even the holiness of the Christian which builds the Church, but only the Word of God"

10:34 am

"without the No the Yes would obviously not be a Yes, but a Yes & No; perhaps Yes, perhaps No, but certainly not the [decisive] Yes"

11:34 am

"the confessional documents of the Reformation must be regarded not as theological ordinances but as the trumpet call of a herald"

11:47 am

"for those who confess... because of its publicity, they are led into a struggle, into suffering & into temptation"

1:56 pm

barth on confessions, conversations, confutations & theological treachery. feisty stuff.

4:51 pm

"the churches of india & china may ask what have we to do w/ the heresies to which the dogma of the european churches is an answer?"

4:53 pm

"there is a notorious connexion, even a unity, between the heresies of every age & place"

10:45 pm

"since the Reformation and the time immediately after there has never been a new confession in the Protestant sphere"