bits of barth

11:30 am

"What has to happen in order that the proclamation of the church may be the Word of God...has already happened"

11:40 am

"of God it is impossible to speak… if we speak of Him, we are no longer speaking of Him"

11:45 am

"if [we] are dependent on prayer, undoubtedly [we] are also dependent on serious & honest work"

11:47 am

"Christian preaching is speaking about God in the name of Jesus Christ"

11:51 am

"is not the Church completely lost if the grace of the Word of God is not at all points mightier than the weakness of man?"

5:31 pm

the danger of wanting the Word of God without God, bringing it under our power & understanding:

5:45 pm

truth, beauty & heresy :

5:47 pm

"as though man has to make the Word of God powerful by the weight of his own will..."

6:22 pm

"though their doctrine is imperiled by their errors, it does not exclude them from the one Church which is ours."

6:37 pm

"the ghosts of the true Church of the past may lead the Church astray no less than the spirits of the present"

6:46 pm

"for it is an honour & a joy, an inner necessity & a gracious privilege to serve & therefore to teach the Word of God"