Lin and Juan, both of whom were under 18 when they first met, became huge fans of massively multiplayer online games. But apparently they still had enough time for other facets of their relationship because they had children - which they ended up treating as a mere commodity. In 2009, authorities say the two came up with a plan to sell their kids because they "did not want to care for them."

Moreover, though, they needed the money to continue to pay for their online game addiction. The two regularly went to Internet cafes and would not only have to pay for their game subscriptions and in-game purchases, but also for the amount of time they spent online in the cafe.

They managed to raise about $10,000 from their child trafficking ring, and may have even gotten away with it but a family member learned of the illegal act and alerted the police.

Lin and Juan reportedly said they were unaware that selling children was illegal.

via TG Daily.