bits of barth

Barth CD I/1

9:01 am

"...inscrutability, hiddenness is of the very essence of Him who is called God in the Bible"

10:00 am

"when the Bible gives an account of revelation it means to narrate history"

10:05 am

"the threefold yet single lordship of God as Father, Son and Spirit is the root of the doctrine of the Trinity"

10:18 am

"The situation would be hopeless if it were our task here to say what is really meant by 'person' in the doctrine of the Trinity"

10:22 am

"revealer, revelation, being revealed; holiness, mercy, love; good friday, easter, pentecost; creator, reconciler, redeemer..."

10:30 am

"none of the Three may be known without the other Two but each of the Three only with the other Two"

10:39 am

"[the Trinity] ...we should not be surprised at the incomprehensibilty in which it remains for us as it becomes comprehensible to us"

11:27 am

"God is unknown as our Father, as the Creator, to the degree that He is not made known by Jesus"

11:30 am

"Jesus did not proclaim the familiar Creator God & interpret Him by the unfamiliar name of Father. He revealed [His] unknown Father"

11:31 am

"God [as] Father denotes the mode of being of God in which He is the Author of His other modes of being"

11:33 am

"the Son is from the Father & the Spirit is from the Father & the Son, while the Father is from Himself alone"

11:35 am

"the Father is not only God the Creator, but with the Son and the Spirit He is also God the Reconciler & God the Redeemer"

11:41 am

"It would be just as improper to say that God the Father died as to say that Jesus or the Spirit of Pentecost created heaven & earth"

11:44 am

"this Father of His is God. He who reveals Him, then, reveals God. But who can reveal God except God Himself?"

11:45 am

"only the son who is already recalling his father's house knows that he is a lost son"

11:48 am

"reconciliation or revelation is not creation or a continuation of creation but rather an inconceivably new work above and beyond..."

11:50 am

"Jesus is the revelation of the Father and the revelation of the Father is Jesus" word.

11:51 am

"As we owe life to God the Creator, so we owe eternal life to God the Reconciler"

12:01 pm

"We believe in the one Lord Jesus Christ. He has a claim on us and control over us. He commands and rules"

12:12 pm

(3) " the process in which creation & sin... are not interfused but opposed even as they exist together"

12:12 pm

(2) "He has come into being as the worm has come into being... He has come into being as man comes into being"

12:12 pm

(1) "begotten... He has come into being in the context of sex and the nexus of the species..."

12:14 pm

"it is not true that these names [Father & Son] are just freely chosen and in the last analysis meaningless symbols"

12:15 pm

"We can speak of the truth only in untruth. We do not know what we are saying when we call God Father & Son"

12:17 pm

"He is the eternal Word of the Father who speaks from all eternity, the eternal thought of the Father who thinks from all eternity"

12:23 pm

"The Holy Spirit is the authorisation to speak about Christ... He is the summons to the Church to minister the Word"

12:24 pm

"The Holy Spirit is the Lord who sets us free and by receiving Him we become the children of God"

12:26 pm

"Even in receiving the Holy Spirit man remains man, the sinner sinner"

12:29 pm

"eternity comes first and then time, therefore the future comes first and then the present..."

12:30 pm

"God remains the Lord even and precisely when He comes into our hearts as His own gift, even and precisely when He fills us"

12:32 pm

"No other intercedes with Him on our behalf except Himself. No other intercedes with us on His behalf except again Himself"

12:37 pm

"The Holy Spirit is the fellowship, the act of communion, of the Father & the Son"

12:40 pm

"The Holy Spirit is the love in which the Father loves the Son, and in which the Son loves the Father"

12:45 pm

"[God] is the Father of the Son in such a way that with the Son He brings forth the Spirit, love, and is in Himself the Spirit, love"

9:56 pm

Paul Lehmann: the angels are alone among God's creatures in having the time to read Barth's Dogmatics. one down, twelve to go.