bits of barth

Barth CD I/2 12:10 pm

"what in the OT (the expectation) was God's covenant with man, is here in the NT (the fulfillment) God's becoming man"

12:11 pm

"To the protest of the Synagogue we can and must reply unreservedly that God's becoming man is the goal of the Old Testament"

12:14 pm

"...there ceases to exist in the NT the manifold and multiform office of men of God, the instruments of the covenant"

12:21 pm

"the whole problem of the OT is compressed into the twofold question as to why it goes so ill with this people, & why it is so evil"

3:54 pm

"it is only because Jesus lives that His cross is the sign under which His Church marches"

3:55 pm

"against the whole unending burden... stand the words: it is finished"

4:22 pm

"in the most artless possible way all the NT Easter narratives fail to supply... an account of the resurrection itself"

5:38 pm

"not a line of the real NT can be properly understood unless it is read as ... the witness to hope"

5:40 pm

"Christ is always He who stands at the door and knocks, & faith is always the decision in which a man opens to Him that He may enter"

9:45 pm

"as Christians and theologians we do not reject the description of Mary as the 'mother of God'..."

9:46 pm

"Mariology is an excrescence, i.e., a diseased construct of theological thought. Excrescences must be excised"