book titles

I'm slouching comfortably at the Polaris Barnes & Noble, reading, thinking, writing, enjoying the pleasant company of Micah & Hannah. Our typical Saturday morning routine. Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, peculiar muzak, stacks of books, quiet conversation:

can we buy this book? no maybe next week? maybe but it's 20% off and another 10% off for members yes, I realize that so can we buy it? no ok, can we stay longer so I can finish it? of course

In front of me are the displays for New Fiction. I am intrigued by the titles:

Long Drive Home

Started Early, Took My Dog

Who Shot The Water Buffalo?

The Sly Company Of People Who Care

A Day In The Life Of A Smiling Woman

The Final Testament Of The Holy Bible

Satan's Sisters

To Be Sung Underwater

The Butterfly's Daughter

The Tiger's Wife