arctic air

 Our weather forecast for the next few days:

Accumulating snow expected Sunday and Sunday night.
Brutally cold wind chill to follow Monday into Tuesday.
A winter storm will move across the Ohio Valley Sunday and Sunday night. Arctic air moving in behind the storm will usher in the coldest weather in 20 years.
Timing: snow will develop Sunday morning. The heaviest snow will occur Sunday late afternoon through evening. Some small amounts of rain may mix in during the afternoon hours. Snow will taper off after midnight, but winds and rapidly falling temperatures will lead to hazardous conditions through early Monday morning. Arctic air will spread into the region from Monday morning through Tuesday.
Impacts: hazardous travel conditions are expected due to reduced visibilities and snow accumulations. The frigid conditions will be dangerous to those venturing outside. Prolonged exposure may cause frostbite.
Winds: winds from Monday through Tuesday will be westerly at 10 to 20 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph.
Temperatures: temperatures will drop below zero on Monday, reaching values of 10 to 20 below zero on Monday night. Temperatures on Tuesday will be near zero to 10 below zero.
Wind Chill readings: wind chills will be between 5 and 15 below zero on Monday morning, falling to 30 to 40 below zero from Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon.

30 to 40 below zero.

I can't hardly wait.